After suffering with anxiety, stress and low moods for as long as I can remember I had decided long ago that it was just my personality and something I had to live with. A friend recommended Lyndsey and I am so glad she did- Lyndsey has changed my life! I can now control my feelings and thoughts and I finally feel in control of my emotions. I am now a more positive and easy-going person and thanks to my solution focused hypnotherapy sessions I have the knowledge and skills to ensure I don’t go back to my negative, old ways. I never in a million years thought it was possible to be the happy, relaxed and optimistic person I am today. I was so impressed with everything that Lyndsey had done for me and taught me so I decided to have some plane phobia sessions with her too. I can already feel a huge difference in my thoughts and emotions when thinking about my upcoming holiday abroad. Thank you for everything Lyndsey!

S, May 2022

My daughter has previously had anxiety issues and phobias. This got particularly worse over covid and with starting high school last year, she was really struggling.
We booked a six week block with Lyndsey. She loved coming to see her every week and came home more positive every week. Lyndsey explained to her about how the mind works and how to use the positive part of the brain. She took on board everything she said and took little steps at school to improve her attitude towards school and began making friendships. At home she has been so much happier and definitely sleeping better. The best thing is we know where Lyndsey is if she starts to struggle again. Thank you

K, July 2022

Wow- what an amazing journey I have been on with Lyndsey!
Lyndsey was recommended to me by a friend, after I was struggling with my anxiety and self confidence. I had tried other types of therapy before but nothing ever seemed right for me. However I have found the focused solution sessions fascinating and everything just made sense and ‘clicked’ with me. I am now truly happy in myself and my self confidence is back!
I can’t thank Lyndsey enough, as she has changed my whole outlook on life and I am so much more positive now. She has given me the strategies for life to remain more positive and I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much.

H, May 2022

After years of suffering with anxiety, low confidence and stress, have finally found a way to be able to rationalise my thoughts and feelings, and boost my confidence in a very positive way.
Whilst being able to now understand why I feel the way I do and not only understanding how the brain works and how it can have a high impact on how my feeling and thoughts affect me, I can now change
my trail of thought into a more optimistic and positive manner, letting go of negativity and moving from the past into my present.
This therefore means I have brighter days with a lot more positivity than negativity. This is a continuous process that you learn through support and
training skills give when you attend hypnotherapy. Now I have the skills to lead a more positive, productive, confident and fulfilling future. This is all thanks to Lyndsey at The Beewell Practice (Solution Focused Hypnotherapy). I honestly can not thank you enough for the help and support you have given me.
We can not change the past but we can change the future! Thank you so much!

                                                                Mrs B, Nov 21

Before hypnotherapy I often found myself upset, stressed about school and thinking about all the negative parts of my life. However during my sessions Lyndsey has helped me to understand how to counteract these negative thoughts so I can deal with my stress in a better way. I now feel like I can stop myself from spiralling and fixating on negative thoughts and be more productive. Thank you so much to Lyndsey for helping me better myself.

M, Feb 2022

I’ve now had the pleasure of having 4 sessions with Lyndsey (that I was lucky to win after being nominated in a giveaway) and I would recommend her practice to anyone.
I recently returned to work as a lawyer after maternity leave and the stress, anxiety and lack of confidence that I had felt before were starting to creep back in. Through my sessions with Lyndsey, I have learnt how my brain works and how it can be trained to think differently and more positively. Lyndsey if so friendly and approachable and immediately puts you at ease and I now practice what she has taught me on a daily basis which keeps me focused on the positive. Thank you so much Lyndsey!

Kate, July 2022

I started sessions with Lyndsey at the beginning of the year and finished in April, with a catch up session at the beginning of June.
I have suffered with feelings of anxiety throughout my life. However, this intensified as a busy mum and teacher and I often found myself stressed and overwhelmed, with a very full ‘bucket’.  I overthought things on a daily basis and my self confidence was very low.  I started to think that I would have to accept that I would ‘always be like this’.
Sessions with Lyndsey helped me enormously and alongside medication, the difference to my everyday life is massive.  I have retained many of the principles and strategies taught, and Lyndsey’s relaxation track is still used when I need it. I know when I am ‘slipping’ and revert to focussing on my ‘3Ps’.
I would absolutely recommend Lyndsey to anyone thinking of starting solution focused hypnotherapy. You will not regret it! 

                                                                   L, Aug 2022

Before I started sessions with Lyndsey I was
consumed with a range of anxious symptoms,
particularly in relation to my job. I have tried CBT
previously with little success. After 8 sessions I now
feel so much more relaxed and can approach day to
day challenges calmly without going in to panic mode.
I really didn’t think it was possible to get to the point
I am at today. Most importantly, my mind isn’t
consumed with worrying and overthinking anymore! I
really like how solution focused hypnotherapy enabled
me to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life
that I couldn’t before. I would very much recommend
hypnotherapy sessions with Lyndsey. She is very
friendly, easy to talk to and put me at ease from the
first session!

V, Nov 2021

Lyndsey was recommended to me by a friend and after trying different therapy before, she was the first person who really got me. I really felt understood and wish I’d known about this sooner. Every day used to be a struggle and now I actually understand how mv brain works and what I can do to help myself feel good. Lyndsey taught me how to be solution focused and it’s a life long tool I won’t forget.Thank you

Sarah W, Feb 2022